Our state is undergoing an unprecedented era of change. Economic growth has allowed us to make needed investments in critical state programs, but those in control of Olympia have pushed us over the edge. Spending has skyrocketed to unsustainable levels paid for with nearly $25 billion in new taxes over the next decade.

The prosperity that has bloated state government is being taken from your average citizen, and progress has been in spite of current political leadership. The most recent state budget grew by more than double the rate of personal income growth. All the gains you or your family may have seen are gone because YOU are the ones paying for it. Those in charge are spending billions of your tax dollars on bad ideas.

My platform is simple: focus on areas where state government can be most effective.

We won’t solve our problems with more regulations or taxes on employment, your income, what you buy. We’ve been doing a great deal of that for decades and are living with the results.

I recently attended a dinner in Seattle with foreign dignitaries. They noted the out-of-control homelessness, seeming lawlessness, and overall sad state of affairs in the Emerald City. That will be the norm across our state if we continue business as usual.

Many times, we are told that the problems we face are complex and difficult to solve.  The fact is that we can solve these problems at the kitchen table – they are not that hard. What’s hard is having the political leadership to make tough choices without putting additional burdens on you, the taxpayers.

During my time as a state Senator, I’ve developed and worked on policies that I believe will move our state in the right direction. We can deliver results that citizens deserve with tax dollars they already send to Olympia. We will invest in transportation with existing revenue, ensure schools have more money in the classroom by reducing costly regulations and state mandates, put public employees to work for the taxpayer to find the government waste they deal with every day, and reduce barriers to incentivize private enterprise to build affordable entry-level housing. 

Join me in Moving Washington Forward