Having served on committees and boards that provide oversight and policy changes on elections, I’ve seen real needs for improvement and oversight in our state’s elections. That’s why I’m running to be Washington’s next election’s chief. 

My opponents will say they care about election integrity. We all do, but that’s not what this race is about. I’m running for Secretary of State because there are serious vulnerabilities in our election systems that aren’t being addressed. 

“We hire hackers to test electronic security, but not the registration process.  The fact is that motor voter laws and documentation loopholes are serious vulnerabilities allowing non-citizens and duplicate registrations. To ensure the electorate that the entire process is secure, I say let’s test it.”

In fact, having all Democrat control in the Legislature makes a Republican counter balance even more important. I take the job of fairly, impartially and transparently managing our state’s elections seriously. 

I will also be an advocate and watchdog for our election integrity. My opponent holding this seat is like the foxes watching the hen house.