Opponent and Democrats’ abortion policy endangers women, says Fortunato

In the wake of the overturning of Roe vs Wade, pro-abortion politicians backed by the abortion industry have not been shy about their plans to keep the controversial procedure legal. Soon after the

Supreme Court handed down its ruling, Gov. Jay Inslee, Democratic lawmakers and candidates advocated for Washington to become a “sanctuary state” for abortion, even calling for a state Constitutional amendment to change the right to life for the right to terminate a pregnancy up to birth. 

Recent legislation passed in Olympia would make Washington a dangerous destination for women seeking the procedure. House Bill 1851 sponsored by legislative Democrats, and signed into law by Gov Inslee, removes the requirement for a physician to perform an abortion. State law now allows a physician assistant, an advanced registered nurse, or a person licensed to practice health or health-related services, to perform an abortion. Further jeopardizing women’s rights, HB 1851 removes liability if something goes wrong, making abortion an outlier as more legal liability is imposed on other industries. It means that Democrats and my opponent are fighting for back-alley abortions to be performed in the front office.

“Women have as much right to know of the risks they face when considering an abortion as they do for breast implants.”, Fortunato said, referring to Democrat-sponsored legislation which requires informed consent before performing breast implant surgery. “They also deserve to have the most qualified person performing the procedure, and to retain their legal rights in case something goes wrong.”

Fortunato, R-Auburn plans to reintroduce legislation he’s sponsored to protect women by providing informed consent, requiring the Department of Health to keep abortion statistics indicating the number of abortions, the number of women staying more than three days in the hospital after the procedure, the number of abortions resulting in unintentional sterilization and the most horrifying statistics, the number of deaths and abortion failures, where the procedure results in a live birth, many with birth defects from the procedure.

“The extreme left-wing is only concerned about money, seeing these vulnerable women as a way to make a dollar,” said Fortunato. “The state should be telling women who are considering an abortion about the very real ramifications. My wife and I support Project Rachel, which provides counseling to women that suffer from Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. These women, some I know personally, have had abortions as long as 30 years ago and still feel the pain of that decision. One woman confided that she attempted suicide as a teenager because of the decision she made.”

Governor Inslee has hinted at boosting funding for abortion services as Washington seeks to be a hub for abortion tourism. 

“I am not a proponent of more government regulation, but statements by companies offering to pay thousands of dollars for their employees to come to our state for abortions needs to be addressed,” Fortunato said. “If those companies can afford to do that, they should first try paying a living wage and then be required to pay for counseling for women suffering from trauma. State law and the position of my opponent have gone far beyond safe, legal and rare – they’re now pushing for and have made it dangerous, unaccountable, and tragic.”