What can I do about a new Southeast King Co. Airport?

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Learn more about the Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission aviation study process and upcoming meetings by clicking here.

Here are links to upcoming virtual meetings.

The City of Enumclaw has been on top of this issue and provided an excellent overview of the process and where things stand. I encourage you to visit the website to learn more.

From their website:

In 2019 the legislature created the CACC and tasked it with recommending a single preferred location for a new commercial service airport.  Due to the pandemic the schedule for completion was extended but this delay also allowed WSDOT to begin an update to the WASP in parallel with the CACC process, using a consultant team that acts a technical advisory group to the CACC.  The enabling legislation (SSB 5370)  for the CACC specifically excluded King County as a site for expanding a current aviation site or new aviation site.  However, the WASP update has included a greenfield (new aviation) site titled “King County Southeast”, the location more specifically centered on the Enumclaw plateau immediately east of the Muckleshoot reservation.

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